FALLS V-PLOW When Winter Shoves... Get Pushy! Push it back with Heavy-Duty Falls® V-Plows for Trucks, Motor Graders and Wheel Loaders.


  • 90 degree included blade angle provides the easiest pushing V-Plow in the industry.
  • Shoe adjustment, including nose shoe, is made easily without the use of tools.
  • Easily adaptable to major quick hitches and conventional hitches.
  • Lift and roll of the moldboard discharges snow with ease and in one fluid motion.
MODEL V-890 V-90 V-100 V-110 V-120  
Cutting Width9' 9" 9' 8"10' 4"11' 10"11' 10" Dimensions: Cutting width to be not less than____________.
Overall width to be not greater than______________.
Nose height to be not less than_____________.
Discharge height to be not less than_____________.
Total weight shall not be less than_______________ pounds.
Overall Width10' 8" 12' 0"13' 3"13' 6"15' 7"
Height at Discharge End6' 0" 7' 0"7' 8"8' 0" (1.4m) 8' 3"
Cutting Edges (2) AASHO1/2" x 6" x 6' 1/2" x 6" x 7'Cutting Edge: Cutting edges shall be two (2) 1/2" x 6" x ____ ft. with replaceable nose bit. Cutting edges shall be AASHO punched. Edges are to be double beveled curve with bolt holes countersunk on the reverse side.
The included angle of the cutting edges shall not be greater than 90 degrees. The angle of the cutting edge to the ground shall be not less than 30 degrees.
Moldboard Thickness
10 gauge7 gauge Moldboard: Moldboard shall be smooth rolled design. Moldboard shall beconstructed of not less than _______ga./in. high strength carbon steel, A607 Grade 50 or equal. Mild steel is not acceptable. Moldboard wings shall be reinforced with double formed box section ribs. The top and outer edges of the moldboard shall be flanged for greater rigidity. Bottom moldboard support shall be not less than 1/2" x 7" high carbon plate, M1044 or equal, ribbed and reinforced between the bolt holes.
Renewable NoseStandard
ShoesThree (3), 1" x 6" x 20" C1080 Shoes: V-plow shall be equipped with three (3) screw adjustable, oscillating shoes. Shoes shall be 1" x 6" x 20" and shall be C1090 or equal. Shoes shall be adjustable without the use of tools. The front or nose shoe shall be capable of being adjusted from the back of the V-plow.
Spring-Loaded DeflectorsStandard Std - truck mount
Other - option
Weight of Plow Only 1500 lbs. (682 kg) 2275 lbs. (1034 kg)2540 lbs. (1155 kg) 2800 lbs. (1273 kg) 3600 lbs. (1636 kg) 
 V-plow shall incorporate a free floating oscillating feature to allow the plow to follow the changing road contours. This feature shall not be sacrificed if plow is equipped with any quick coupler.

NOTE: Models V-110 and V-120 are available by Special Order only.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
The policy and promise of Little Falls Machine Inc. is continuing product improvement. Design change and structural alterations may occur without prior notice. Such changes will not sacrifice quality or product integrity.

Also available: Models V-110 and V-120.
Moldboard shall be equipped with spring loaded snow deflectors.
Prices and specifications on request.