One Way Snow Plow

Rigid and trip blade units for use at all operating speeds. Recommended for municipal use on: airports, highways, city streets and rural roads. For use on trucks, motor graders and wheel loaders.

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One Way Snow Plow
One Way Snow Plow
  • Smooth rolled moldboard for a clean lift, roll, and throw of snow.
  • Screw-adjustable oscillating shoes are standard.
  • Rigid tilting bars are standard.
  • 7 Gauge Moldboard
  • Rolled Heavy Channel Ribs
  • Adjustable Poly Wheels
  • Trip Moldboard
  • Slotted Trip
  • Trip Edge
  • Hydraulic Moldboard Tilt
  • Rubber Flap
  • Hi Viz End Markers
  • Reversing Turn Table
Compatible Machines

Municipal Trucks

Wheel Loaders

Motor Graders


Fx Specs