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FALLS DIRECT HYDRAULIC SNOW WINGS for Wheel Loaders. The snow-proven performance of Falls Snow Equipment is legendary and now the Falls Heavy-Duty LDL Snow Wings may be installed on a wide variety of front end wheel loaders. Get the best from your wheel loader while dealing with winter’s worst!
FRONT MOUNT / REAR LIFT: Perfect for benching operations.
FRONT MOUNT / FRONT LIFT: Great straightline performance.
REAR MOUNT / REAR LIFT: Perfect for general wing work. Leave the wing on all season long.


  • Streamlined, low profile design for maximum visibility
  • Trip cutting edge or trip moldboard available
  • Hydraulic rear post slide available
  • Nitrogen-accumulated hydraulic push arm extension available
  • Adaptable to all popular quick couplers
MODEL LDL-9 LDL-10 LDL-11 LDL-12 Specifications are intended to indicate size, type, and quality of unit desired.
Overall Length9' 6" 10' 6"11' 6"12' 6" The wheel loader snow wing shall be the latest design and model. Materials used shall be top quality as specified to insure uniformity.

DIMENSIONS: Overall width shall be not greater than _____. Overall height shall be not less than 30". Cutting edge shall be one (1) 1/2" x 6" x _____ft. Total weight shall not be less than ______ pounds.
Cutting Edge 5/8" x 6" x 9'1/2" x 6" x 10'1/2" x 6" x 11'1/2" x 6" x 12'
Moldboard Height
front and rear
30" MOLDBOARD: Moldboard shall be smooth rolled design. Moldboard and moldboard reinforcement shall be constructed of not less than 10 gauge high strength carbon steel A607-50 or equal. Mild steel is not acceptable. Moldboard shall be reinforced across the full length by two (2) double formed box sections; one section shall be overlapped by the other and shall be welded together for additional strength. The top flange shall be double formed or otherwise reinforced for rigidity. The discharge end shall be additionally reinforced with 1/2" diameter round bar. The bottom moldboard support structure shall be constructed of not less than 1/2" x 7" high carbon plate, M1044 or equal, ribbed and reinforced at the bolt holes.
Moldboard shall be rolled to a radius of 16-1/2"
Pivot bolt shall be not less than 1-3/4" diameter.
Weight of moldboard shall be not less than ________ pounds.
Moldboard Thickness 10 gauge, A607-50 Steel

Moldboard Radius



Pivot Bolt


Front Mast Assembly

7" T-1 I-beam

MOUNT ASSEMBLY: All mountings shall be of the heaviest design practical. It is the desire of this specification to reduce the added weight to the vehicle without sacrificing needed strength. Therefore, the use of high strength-to-weight materials such as T-1® is specified.
Rear push frame shall be minimum 6" x 4" x 5/16" wall rectangular tubing and shall be designed to attach to a factory authorized location on the vehicle. The rear push frame shall incorporate a vertical assembly which anchors the buffer brace push bar and provides a wing stop assembly.
Wing shall be equipped with one (1) telescoping push bar which shall be spring buffered. Buffer spring shall be easily replaceable. Push bar shall have safety shear pin. The included angle of the moldboard shall be 30 degrees at minimum position and shall be adjustable to at least 50 degrees at the extended position.
Snow wing shall be rear mounted with both wing posts located behind the articulation point.
Snow wing shall be front mounted and incorporated with snow plow lift attachment so that when disconnected from loader arm pins or quick coupler entire snow wing and snow plow may be detached in one piece.
Front Slide Mechanism

Tubular - 18"

Hydraulic Cylinders

Two (2) 3.5" Diameter, Double-Acting

LIFT MECHANISM: The front wing post vertical beam shall be constructed of 7" x 17.6 lb. Car & Ship Channel, A-36 steel. Vertical mast shall be attached to a cross member of a minimum 7" x 5" x 3/8" wall rectangular tubing. Post shall be equipped with double acting hydraulic cylinder and shall be coupled to slide mechanism. Front lift mechanism shall provide for a minimum 18" lift. Front lift mechanism shall provide minimum of 6" float capability.
Double-acting hydraulic cylinders for the front and outer lift shall be minimum 3-1/2" diameter with 2" 36 hr. salt spray chrome plated shaft. Cylinders shall be certified to twice (2X) the working pressure of the vehicle on which it is to be installed.
The outer end or heel of the wing shall have a minimum of ________inches of lift. Heel of wing shall be provided with float capability.
Push Arms


Plowing Angles

30 - 50 Degrees

Total Weight

1950 lbs.

2150 lbs.

2250 lbs.

2350 lbs.

PAINT: Available in all Falls standard colors.
ID and WARRANTY: Unit shall be identified with a metal plate. ID tag shall include model, serial number, and manufacturer. 12 month limited warranty.

Contact Little Falls Machine, Inc. for available Hydraulic Control Packages.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
The policy and promise of Little Falls Machine Inc. is continuing product improvement. Design change and structural alterations may occur without prior notice. Such changes will not sacrifice quality or product integrity.

Full moldboard trip assembly.
Sectional trip edge assemblies.
Telescoping push bar shall be hydraulically extended.