Falls Postless Hydraulic Wing for CAT Motor Graders Falls Postless Hydraulic Wing for John Deere Motor Graders
FALLS POSTLESS DIRECT HYDRAULIC SNOW WING for Motor Graders gives you maximum visibility and a smoother lift.


  • 20" front lift height for higher benching.
  • Spring-loaded outer lift arm.
  • 12 and 14 foot models available.
  • Ripper mount available.
  • Manually telescoping push arm.
  • Adds less than 3,800 lbs. to grader (12' model).
  • Free factory installation.
MODEL IM3012 IM3014 Specifications are intended to indicate size, type, and quality of unit desired.
Overall Length12' 6" (3.843 m) 14' 6" (4.45 m)The snow wing shall be the latest design and model. Materials used shall be top quality as specified to insure uniformity.

DIMENSIONS: Overall length shall not exceed ________________. Cutting edge shall be 1/2" x 6" x ________ ft. AASHO punched. Overall height front and rear shall not be less than 36".
Moldboard Thickness 7 gauge (2.38 mm) MOLDBOARD: Moldboard shall be smooth rolled design. Moldboard and moldboard reinforcement shall be constructed of not less than 8 gauge high strength carbon steel. Moldboard shall be reinforced across the full length by two (2) double formed box sections; the inner section shall be overlapped by the outer section and shall be welded together for additional strength. The top flange shall be double formed or otherwise reinforced for rigidity. The discharge end shall be additionally reinforced with 1/2" diameter round bar. The bottom moldboard support structure shall be constructed of not less than 1/2" x 7" high carbon plate, M1044 or equal, ribbed with 1/2" x 1-1/2" A-36 steel bar and reinforced at the bolt holes with gussets. Moldboard shall be rolled to a radius of 19-1/4". This radius shall be consistent from toe to heel. Weight of moldboard with cutting edge shall be approximately 1200 pounds.
Moldboard Height, front 36" (.91 m)
Moldboard Height, rear 36" (.91 m), optional: 32" (.81 m)

Cutting Edge (AASHO

and carbide punched)

1/2" x 6" x 12' (2) 5/6" x 6" x 7'

(12.67 mm x

152 mm x 3.05 m)

(12.67 mm x

152 mm x 3.05 m)

Average height under

raised moldboard: front

20" (.508 m) LIFT MECHANISM: Rear mast shall have manual height adjustment providing a minimum of three (3) fixed positions and shall incorporate a safety chain to retain the push arm and wing in the transport position. Control of wing moldboard shall be hydraulic. 3.5" diameter double acting hydraulic cylinders shall be coupled to the wing moldboard directly without the use of cables and/or sheaves. Both heel (outer end) and toe (inner end) of moldboard shall be free floating. The outer end (heel) of the snow wing shall be raised and lowered through a spring-loaded lift arm. Minimum front lift shall be 20". Minimum outer lift height shall be 108".

Average height under

raised moldboard: rear

108" (2.745 m)
Push Bar

One (1) spring-cushioned telescoping

MOUNT ASSEMBLY: Pivot bolt shall be not less than 1-3/4" diameter. Front wing postless mechanism shall be located ahead of tandems and behind motor grader moldboard. Wing mechanism shall be located to permit full articulation of the motor grader in both directions with the wing in the operating or transport position. Wing mechanism shall be positioned to provide maximum grader blade angle. Front mechanism shall incorporate a device to set the lower limit of the toe of the moldboard. Wing shall be equipped with one (1) telescoping push bar, which shall be spring buffered. Buffer spring shall be easily replaceable. Push bar shall have safety shear pin. The included angle of the moldboard shall be 30 degrees at minimum position and shall be adjustable to at least 50 degrees at the extended position. The snow wing with manual rear slide shall not add more than 3800 pounds of combined weight to the motor grader.
Weight of Moldboard Only950 lbs. (432 kg) 1,100 lbs. (500 kg)

Weight of Moldboard

and Mountings

3,800 lbs. (1,721 kg) 3,925 lbs. (1,778 kg)
PAINT: Available in all Falls standard colors.
ID and WARRANTY: Unit shall be identified with a metal plate riveted to the moldboard. ID tag shall include model, serial number, and manufacturer. 12 month limited warranty.

Standard snow wing requires two (2) double-acting control valves.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
The policy and promise of Little Falls Machine Inc. is continuing product improvement. Design change and structural alterations may occur without prior notice. Such changes will not sacrifice quality or product integrity.

Also available: Ripper Mount, Hydraulic Rear Slide Adjustment (Requires an additional double-acting control valve. Available through your motor grader manufacturer or Little Falls Machine Inc). Prices and specifications on request.